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by InterracialDatingSites.ORG. is the Tenth choice from the Top 10 Interracial Dating Sites we've reviewed. Read our review below to find out why...

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If you have been looking for interracial dating sites on the internet, eventually you will come to, and maybe, just maybe you will think about trying out this site. Yes, you have every right to do what you want with this dating site, but before you go too deep and regret later on, better read this short review first. From the first glance from their homepage, seems does not really care about their impression. The landing page is poorly designed and barely shows what's really provided by the site. Compared to the other livelier dating site, you'll surely never choose this one. As we know that in any relationships first impression should be something that is very attractive, and how would we start one, if in this case, the website which will act as a medium between people is not so attractive that people would choose the other if there is one.

Free or Paid? also claims to be a free dating site, which will be true if you just want to have fun. But in serious case, like you are really trying to get connected to someone that will be your partner, then you will have to use the feature of which only users paying “small fee” could access. Apparently is just a small part of a giant network which is known as Passions Network. This network consist of over two hundred and fifty dating sites, and unless you pay the small fee, you have to busy yourself with logging-in and logging-out each time you want to change site.

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The other serious problem is right in the landing page. You can see that this site is not specialized, or at least focused in developing the relation between members. They put quite serious ads in front, that is their selling of books, video games, and their corresponding community. Well, this could be considered a variation or a feature if only they are not occupying half of the landing page. This could lead the prospect visitor to a thinking that does not take their matter seriously and just looking for profit rather than helping its members.

Last but not least, upon signing up to the site, it just require you a minimum amount of details that should be crucial to draw interests. You just need to input your name and your email address, then there you go. So the conclusion is, if there is another, more complex social dating site, maybe you should just choose the other one.

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